ICFSN 2017          Full Paper Submission Deadline: 05 December, 2016     Conference Dates: 13-15 March 2017      Conference Place: Prague, Czech Republic






Prague, Czech Republic



Keynote Speaker I

Prof. Maciej Baginski
Faculty of Chemistry, Gdansk University of Technology (GUT), Poland

Maciej Baginski is Associated Professor at the Faculty of Chemistry, Gdansk University of Technology (GUT), Poland. He is a head of Molecular Chemotherapy Group at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biochemistry. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Gdansk University of Technology in 1995 (Prof. E.Borowski’s group). He received his D.Sc. in 2007 in biophysics from Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw. He held postgraduate training in theoretical chemistry at Warsaw University, Poland in 1989 and in medicinal chemistry at Ancona University and Camerino University, Italy in years 1991/1993. He held his postdoctoral training as a Fulbright fellow at University of California in San Diego, USA in 1995/1996 (Prof. J.A. McCammon’s group). Prof. Baginski received the International Europe Award for the studies on amphotericin B membrane channels from the Rottendorf Foundation, Germany in 2003. His scientific collaborations covered groups from USA, France and Italy. His research is mainly focused on molecular mechanism of action of antifungal polyene macrolide antibiotics. Additionally, his new interests cover studies of DNA-ligand interactions, especially with regard to telomeric systems. In his scientific activity he uses different computational chemistry and state-of the art molecular modeling methods including thermodynamics to study drug-target interactions. His record of scientific work includes more than 35 publications and over 50 conferences communicate. He is also a head of Inter PhD Programme at the GUT. His international activity includes participation on regular bases in grant evaluation in EC as well as participation in SRG IMI (States Representative Group, Innovative Medicine Initiative) activity.

Keynote Speaker II
   Prof. Ioana Demetrescu
   University Politehnica Bucharest, Romania

Prof. Dr. Ioana Demetrescu obtained her Bachelors degree and Ph.D. from University of Bucharest in Physical Chemistry field. She spent more than 40 years in teaching and research activities in this domain. Her teaching activities are focussed in the field of General Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry of Materials . Since 2005, Prof. Demetrescu is also associated with the Masters program in the Department of Biotechnology and Bioengineering. The research program focuses, apart from other issues, on the tissue engineering, scaffolds characterization, new implants for medical applications.
Her professional and scientific activity comprises: handbooks/textbooks (15); papers published (165); 92 of them in ISI journals :inventions (4); participating in different international or national research projects (111) ; awards at international halls for inventions (1 ) Chair pairson, member of the scientific committee and invited speaker at different meetings universities and ( USA, Mexic, Poland Greece, France, Tunis, Brazil etc; member of the International Editorial Board journal of Nanobiomedicine (Japan ); reviewer for different journals (Materials Chemistry and Physics, J. of Biomedical Materials Research, Surface and Interface Analysis, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Electrochimica Acta, etc).

Keynote Speaker III

 Prof. Ignacio Javier Acosta García
 Department of Building Construction, School of Architecture, University of Seville, Spain

Research field: daylighting in architecture, energy efficiency in buildings, thermal comfort and electric lighting control.
06.2004: BS Architect Degree in Architecture
06.2007: MS Master Degree in Master in City and Sustainable Architecture
06.2012: PhD from the University of Seville. Awards: Extraordinary Ph.D. Award from the University of Seville.
Research Experience:
Acosta, J. Navarro, J.J. Sendra, (2011) Towards an Analysis of Daylighting Simulation Software, Energies 4, 1010-1024.
I. Acosta, J. Navarro, J.J. Sendra, P. Esquivias, (2012) Daylighting design with lightscoop skylights: Towards an optimization of proportion and spacing under overcast sky conditions, Energy and Buildings 49, 394-401.
I. Acosta, J. Navarro, J.J. Sendra, (2013) Predictive method of the sky component in a courtyard under overcast sky conditions, Solar Energy 89, 89-99.
I. Acosta, J. Navarro, J.J. Sendra, (2013) Daylighting design with lightscoop skylights: Towards an optimization of shape under overcast sky conditions, Energy and Buildings 60, 232-238.
I. Acosta, J. Navarro, J.J. Sendra, (2013) Towards an analysis of the performance of lightwell skylights under overcast sky conditions, Energy and Buildings. 64, 10-16.
Project: TECNOCAI-ACCIONA: Efficient and intelligent technologies designed to health and comfort indoors.
Project: CELL. Energy and environmental rehabilitation of social housing in Andalusia: evaluation test cells.

Keynote Speaker IV

Assoc.Prof. Tomáš Navrátil
J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS, Czech Republic




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